What we do

We teach people how to be healthy in a fun and meaningful way—and then we remind them when they get busy and forget. We offer two instructional lifestyle programs, five seasonal boost challenges, and an ongoing motivational game called Happy WeightTM. We also offer options for personal mentoring and membership to meet your needs. And we constantly source nutritional supplements that are safe and act more like food and less like drugs.

Who we are

Tired of confusing, changing, and often joyless, fear-infused approaches to health, Dr. Mark Adams founded Onvo on the fundamental belief that strong health grows out of an understanding and commitment to authentic principles and big ideas that have stood the test of time. A Harvard and Bastyr graduate, former athlete and personal trainer, Dr. Mark has mentored and inspired thousands of clients with his simple, proven, and positive lifestyle approach to eating, sleeping, and moving.

How we can help

We all just want to live a happy and meaningful life, right? And we sure wouldn’t complain if we could look and feel like a rock star while doing so. We believe most of us are willing to do our part to be healthy if we just knew what the heck that meant. But we rightfully aren’t willing to give up the goodness of things and live on a steady diet of fear and angst dished up from the extremes. At Onvo, we help you make sense of things and take good advantage of the amazing ability your body was given for health through meaningful education, inspirational experiences, and a passionate spirit of living based on honesty, goodness, and simplicity.

As much as we believe and encourage you to join our group programs, sometimes that’s just not the best fit. So we offer 1:1 mentoring for individuals, families, and small groups to meet your needs. Later this year, we’ll be offering for more clinical-based online services around food allergies, blood tests, and digestive care. If you are local and want the best, most convenient way to measure your % body fat, we do offer testing on the Inbody 520.


It has been written that, as human beings, we need to be reminded more often than we need to be instructed. After working with thousands of clients, this truth serves as the inspiration for our 2-step approach: (1) First get the right instruction in the right way; (2) Then be reminded in fun and meaningful ways until you don’t need reminding anymore. We invite you to embrace real food, real life, and real joy through original, real-time (not pre-recorded) programs designed to stand the test of time and naturally promote energy, weight loss, and happy, healthy living—without sacrificing goodness.

We actually don’t believe most nutritional supplements are healthy for long-term consumption. We believe in judicious supplementation and taking the fewest, best products possible; products we take ourselves or give our own children. Our approach is built on food because no amount of supplementation will ever take the place of nutrient-dense real food. So we emphasize a hand picked collection of real food products, not products derived from food. And there is a difference.

News from Dr. Mark

May 23, 2015
Blaze with Dr. Mark

Join us to Blaze June 1st to July 10th! Enrollment limited to 40 people

Answering the call for more personal attention, I was inspired to combine elements of some of my most popular seasonal programs into one 40 day summer…
April 29, 2015
Singing in the Rain

3rd Song

I have zero musical talent. And a worse singing voice. But that doesn’t stop me from liking music. Or singing. A few years ago, my twin…
January 4, 2015

Reclaiming Goodness

Standing in line at the Madison Park Starbucks in Seattle just blocks from the home of CEO Howard Shultz—a home where I had once been invited…

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